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Karen Brenchley at Worldcon photo by Chaz Brenchley For the majority of my life, and still professionally, I'm known as Karen Williams. However, I married Chaz Brenchley in 2012, and have been Karen Brenchley ever since.

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Science I have a Masters degree in computer science, and have lived and worked in Silicon Valley my entire professional life. I led the team that put one of the first MMO RPGs on the internet, and most recently have designed data science and AI features that help lawyers search through millions of emails to try to find the smoking gun.

Fiction I've also been a lifelong geek - science fiction, comic books, Star Trek, the works. I was the first person in line in my hometown for the first showing of Star Wars. I used to go to Comic-Con back when it was just about comic books. So of course I also started writing science fiction and fantasy.